As we enter a fifth year of a wasteful war, let’s remember those who have sacrificed lives, limbs, family moments all — for what?

Republicans say questioning the war is bad for troop morale. What’s bad for troop morale is not getting the supplies and armor they need, the medical care they need, the leave home they need, the rationale they need to fight. The U.S. armed forces is disproportionately made up of people of color. Black people didn’t support the war before it started and support it even less now. African-American Political Pundit asks: Will anyone stand up to George Bush?

Even the Iraqis have increasing doubts about our presence in their country. Bush’s war has cost us the hearts and minds of the entire region, let alone the Iraqis. Why entrench their disappointment and disgust even deeper?

From the Washington Post:

Asked to compare their lives today with conditions before the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, the proportion of Iraqis who say things are better now has slipped below half for the first time. Forty-two percent say their lives have improved, down from 51 percent in 2005 and 56 percent in 2004. Thirty-six percent now say things in their lives are worse today, up from 29 percent in the 2005 poll, which was taken during a period of relative optimism ahead of parliamentary elections. Twenty-two percent say their lives are about the same.

I met a young brotha today who is 23 years old. Let’s call him James. He was on his way home after 19 months in Iraq. He told me he had a baby face when he left home. Didn’t even need to shave. He’s grown now for sure and oh so weary. I wanted to hug him and tell him it would be alright. This commitment to cleaning up Iraq — what about the commitment to helping our own citizens and cleaning up places like Biloxi and New Orleans?

It’s time to strart re-deploying our men and women out of Iraq and into places where we can still make a difference. James thinks this war won’t end soon. I hope he’s proven wrong by the Democrats now in charge of Congress. The lives and limbs lost are now as much on their heads as they are on Bush.

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