Check it out. Notably, Harold Ford Jr (D-TN) left the House at the bottom of the pile as a “derelict” based on his anti-progressive voting record. How might his priorities be reflected in his new positions at the DLC, Merrill Lynch and Fox News?

“Harold Ford, Jr., thankfully, is not in a position to upgrade his consistent “Derelict” status. He left the CBC as he came in – a shameless shill for money. His replacement is a white man, Steve Cohen, who tried unsuccessfully to join the CBC but promises to represent his 60 percent Black district far better than Ford. In fact, anybody could.”


“In the large majority, the Congressional Black Caucus stood tall in opposition to the draconian police state powers embodied in the deceptively named Community Protection Act of 2006, which will target Latino and Asian youth for hyper-surveillance, detention and fast-track deportation – a license that is certain to be abused by local police forces and will not be limited to Asian- or Latino-looking youths. At Speaker Pelosi’s urging, Democrats voted overwhelmingly for the bill. However 91 Democrats, recognizing the measure as an assault on constitutional restraints on police powers, bucked Pelosi. Twenty-nine of them – a third of the opposition – were members of the CBC.”

Update on Al Wynn:

“Albert Wynn (MD), who was one of only four CBC members to support George Bush’s grab for Iraq War Powers in 2002 and ranked abysmally in the first two CBC Report Cards, scored 100 percent in the latest evaluation – and is now a member of the Out of Iraq Caucus. Wynn came close to losing his seat to progressive challenger Donna Edwards, who lambasted Wynn for his CBC Monitor Report Card grades during her under-funded campaign.”

Wynn may or may not have actually won in his district as you may recall, but at least he’s trying to clean up his act.

Much thanks to Black Agenda Report and CBCMonitor for keeping an eye on the Congressional Black Caucus.

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