I find it curious that organizations representing Hispanic Americans have said nothing about the Alberto Gonzales U.S. Attorney scandal. LULAC, MALDEF and NCLR have said nada so far even while leading Democratic and Republican politicians call for Gonzales to resign.

It’s not like they’ve been silent before and it ain’t like they’re fans. Check out this press release from MALDEF from back in the day opposing Gonzales’ confirmation as Attorney General in 2005:

We acknowledge that Judge Gonzales is likely to be Confirmed as the next Attorney General of the United States and the first Latino to hold this important post. MALDEF stands ready to work with Judge Gonzales as he carries out his duties and continues his public service. However, because of our specific concerns regarding apparent primacy of executive authority; a potential conflict of interest in the transition from Counsel to the President to Attorney General in enforcing the special counsel law; setting aside due process protections; and, uncertainty about whether inherent authority exists at the state and local level to enforce federal immigration policy, MALDEF cannot support his confirmation.

And it’s not like Gonzales has been a friend to Latinos in the U.S. when it comes to Justice Department initiatives to suppress voting like “voter fraud”, immigration, PATRIOT Act, racial profiling, etc. Look, take it from someone who knows. Just because someone looks like you (ahem, Clarence Thomas) doesn’t mean they are on your side. I know how I would/will feel when it’s Condi Rice’s turn to be exposed. It’s gut-wrenching. Though I disagree with her political outlook and policies, I admire what she has been able to achieve breaking through one glass ceiling after another.

Yet, the word of groups like LULAC, MALDEF and La Raza carries more weight than ever before. Everyone knows that the support of hispanic voters is key to winning elections going forward. It’s time for these groups to speak out now on the question of Gonzales’ resignation as clearly as they did before his confirmation.

P.S. I know what The Unapologetic Mexican thinks about Gonzales and the Daily Show (I agree, btw: it’s possible to attack Gonzales without being racist and/or condescending, thanks). But um, exactly where’s the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on this?

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