Why Lord. Why?

Like Fox co-hosting one Democratic debate with the CBC (at one of the theaters they own in Detroit no less) and one Republican presidential debate is “fair and balanced.” Why not just have Rush Limbaugh or Hugh Hewitt — or MC Karl Rove — officiate at both in blackface? That would really gild the lily.

Come on.

Here’s what James Rucker over at Color of Change has to say.

“The CBC Institute’s decision is shamefully out of step with most
Black voters, and we will continue to push on the CBC Institute to
drop this deal.” Rucker goes on to say, “Every presidential
candidate now must decide whether to legitimize Fox – a network that
calls Black churches a cult, implies that Senator Barack Obama is a
terrorist, and uses the solemn occasion of Coretta Scott King’s
funeral to call Black leaders ‘racist.’ We will be launching a
petition at www.ColorofChange.org asking presidential candidates to
attend the CBC Institute’s CNN debate and reject the Fox debate.”

Looks like the voices of 12,000 people of color don’t mean much when there’s money involved. How much you ask? Well, the debate is being run by the CBC Institute. But while one hand is stirring the greens, the other hand is frying chicken.

Guess it takes a whole lot of grease to fry the CBC’s chicken. Grease MSNBC and other networks must not be handing over quite as liberally to CBC-related organizations. In 2002, the CBC Foundation was given an undisclosed amount from Fox News and parent company News Corp. Between 2003-2005, they gave the CBC somewhere between $47,500 to $98,998 with numbers for 2006 still unavailable. Don’t believe me. Get the facts here and take a look at CBCF’s donor list.

Are our leaders purchased so cheaply? Surely the CBC is not just a bunch of grinning handkerchief heads. Fox News is consistently racist and has ulterior motives for these debates in terms of influencing black opinion. This cannot stand.

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