I agree with Prometheus 6Oliver Willis couldn’t be more right on in taking the Democratic Party to task for ignoring its own values voters: African-Americans. The whole lexicon of speaking religion and politics to Christian and other religious voters that the right has been using frankly was stolen years ago from us.

From Oliver:

Imagine if you will, a substantial group of regular churchgoing Christians. They are active in their community, they believe in God and Heaven and Hell. Their entire life is about living up to the Word of God, and when they vote that belief is a driving moral force in how their ballot is cast. These Christians are vital to their party, if they stayed home on election day there’s no way the party could win.

Surely these people are part of the “values voters” so often courted by the GOP.

Did I mention that they’re black. Because, you see, they’re Democrats.

This really isn’t that hard. The way you speak to African-American voters will also work with many other voters who are informed by big ideas, by a desire for a better future and by faith.

Bill Clinton got it and won. Gore kinda sorta did and kinda sorta lost. Kerry didn’t get and lost. Which candidate will get it this time finally and decide to win?

I disagree with Willis on whether black churches are at risk of dying out as a political force. They remain as strong as ever — the Bush campaign figured that out and used them as a wedge to increase their share of the Black vote in 2004. We’re still out there but our priorities have changed. Democrats mis-read those shifts in what we are talking about — education, the war, healthcare, Africa, building greater prosperity in our communities — at their peril.

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