From Raw Story:

…at a Republican luncheon yesterday White House adviser Karl Rove was overheard explaining the Bush amnesty immigration plan by saying, “I don’t want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas.”

Wow — just when you think that immigration is splitting Republicans into the racists and the less racist, we find out that it’s all racist and anti-brown people. There are just differences in opinion on what to do about all the brown people.

There are the Buchananites who think we should re-patriate as many as possible and block entry lest we be overtaken and Mexicanized. And there is apparently the Rovian approach of using the brown people in measured, reasonable ways to preserve the status quo for an upper crust of privileged whites. Not so much the idea of free trade and cooperation with one of our largest trading partners, I see. More: making the world safer for rich people. The Rove Doctrine.

IMO countering the Buchanans and the Roves is what the Congressional Hispanic Caucus needs to focus on instead of their ridiculous infighting. Latinos are facing real threats from powerful people. It’s time for the CHC to get unifying leadership that understands that. And pronto.

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