Liza Sabater of Culture Kitchen and other blogs is an established, talented and energetic black Puerto Rican blogger based in NYC. When she writes. I listen (or “read” you know what I mean). She has posted about a “blograiser” for New York State Senate candidate Craig Johnson.

The issues:

even though New York has had its fair share of Democratic governors, its state government has been in the clutches of the Republicans for 150 years

And, related to my recent post about Gov. Spitzer’s mild but welcome prison reform, there is this audacious corruption which Johnson and Spitzer plan to combat:

It is outrageous that NYC, the single largest demographic in the state, does not have proportional representation in Albany. This is because for years Republicans have been able to pass legislation that favors their districts.

Only in New York would you have majority white and Republican districts inflate their demographics by counting their prison population

Yes rural and suburban white legislators count their non-voting, black and brown prisoners as citizen-constituents. They use their inflated districts to represent their own interests which are certainly at odds with the prisoners and their city-based families downstate.

If you live in or near NYC, please attend the blograiser tonight. Major political and NY bloggers and politicians will be there in person. Great fun. Great networking. Great cause.

Raising New York with Eliot Spitzer
Feb 1 2007 – 6pm
Prey NYC
4 West 22nd Street

If you live farther away, Culture Kitchen will be hosting a liveblog of the event. Join and engage in the conversation. Register your support with funds and with comments.

You can also participate with neighboring blogs like The Albany Project, The Daily Gotham, or On NY Turf.

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