Kos has a point — Bill Richardson don’t get much love from the Democrat Party. He’s probably the best known Democratic Latino political leader today (cept for maybe that truly sinister super-lawyer Alberto Gonzales. And despite the double-barrel slam dunk provided in part by Latino votes swinging blue in the last election, (hmm) immigration wasn’t part of the 100 hour congressional agenda.

The 100 Hour Agenda seems to exclude anything controversial. Savvy, but morally a bit hollow? On the right, Mel Martinez seems to have triumphed over the haters…for now. They’ll be back though. The conservatives specialize in hate and they will use the technique of a thousand paper cuts against that spic-coddler Martinez. (I wonder what “maverick” John McCain has to say about the RNC election? Why hasn’t the press asked about that?) Liberals on the other hand tend to prefer a more paternalistic or blithely ignorant stance toward Latinos, their representatives and their issues. What a way to treat those hoping for support and rational immigration reform.

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