(Sorry for the belated post — I had trouble getting into Blogger yesterday. How about you?)

Now that the Congressional Black Caucus is flexing their new power, it’s important for us to keep an eye on them. As we know, different rules apply still for black folk. Our actions are viewed as representative not just of one person, but of an entire race.

Which is why Dollar Bill’s continued bad apple behavior reflects poorly on the CBC bunch that refuses to distance themselves from him.

Rep. Bill Jefferson recently sent around a fundraising letter to his House colleagues with hat in hand asking for money to retire $200K in campaign debts. He violated the rules by sending it on Congressional stationary however. You’d think a guy in this much trouble trying to explain the $90K found in his freezer would be more careful. CBC members had better be careful lest they be tarred with the same brush. Get the scoop at Political Wire.

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