Skeptical Brotha says that Harold Whore Jr has found a new John: the DLC (Shout out to Rikyrah!) The Democratic Leadership Council believes that the Democratic Party needs to shift to the right to be viable in contemporary America. Even if this might have been true 10 years ago, the U.S. public seems more ready today to correct its overindulgence in disastrous unconstitutional theocratic neo-conservatism with a big swing to the Left.

SB seems surprised that Harold didn’t find a more straight up corporate gig. I’m not. How better positioned could he be to maintain contacts and fundraise for another campaign in a few years while remaining in the center of political power in the meantime. Prince Harold is too fine to settle for a mere lobbying gig, even if it’s at the top of the house. It is necessary that at least some people quiver at his power when they see him rather than being obviously on the take.

We should assume that Ford is already planning his next candidacy for another office. For now, he will stay the latter day Michael Jordan — handsome, safe, inoffensive, corporate-friendly, backbenched with an injury. I agree with SB — this brotha bears watchin’ even if his brand of politics is quickly falling out of fashion like a high top fade.

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