Jackson speaks for me on this one. And probably a lot of other African-Americans too. From his official statement:

“The U.S. should discourage the barbarity of hanging Saddam Hussein. His execution will not make us safer or more secure. It will not increase our moral authority in the world. It will increase tensions.

Saddam’s heinous crimes against humanity can never be diminished, for he was our ally while doing them. Pictures of Saddam and Rumsfeld shaking hands have been projected all over the world. His trial and preparation for hanging are taking place while he is in U.S. custody.

“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” will make us blind and disfigured. The most civilized of us must break the cycle of violence.

To whom is the U.S. accountable for our role in thousands killings and being killed in Iraq? For our role as invader and occupier, under false pretense of weapons of mass destruction and al-Qaeda connections and imminent threat? We must not live above the world, nor operate beyond the rules of international laws. Saddam as a war trophy only deepens the catastrophe in which we are embroiled.”

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