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Ain’t I a Woman?

Sojourner Truth

Welcome to Sista Scola in what is becoming Woman Weekend at MyDD. I am Woman, hear me blog. Feel the Femininity. Of course, I too am Jerome Armstrong in reality. It’s sort of like Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor. I find inspiration for the character of “Jill” in my big butt and bad attitude.

Please Note: This will be my last MyDD post until 2007. In the meantime, I lift a frosty glass of soy egg nog (or as I like to call it — “snog”) to you and wish you the happiest of possible holidays.

Lead Story —

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rounds up Hispanic workers using racial profiling in TX leaving at least 400 child citizens without parents. Just in time for Feliz Navidad. Latina Lista, MigraMatters, Pachacutec @ FireDogLake, and Atrios have the story. I’ll let the Unapologetic Mexican guest-blogging at PatriotBoy have the last bitter, satirical word: I Pack the Meat That Todo El Mundo Eats

Congressional Black Caucus Members This Week —

* The Washington Post writes a love letter this week to the most powerful black legislator ever: Prometheus 6 and others comment on Charlie Rangel’s (co-founder of the Congressional Black Caucus) “awesome” profile.

* Dollar Bill Jefferson does *not* re-join Rangel on the Ways and Means committee despite inexplicable appeals from the CBC. (Jack and Jill Politics)

* According to the Washington Times, Nancy Pelosi met with incoming CBC chair Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-MI) who urged Pelosi to address the astonishing lack of diversity in Hill staffers. Among thousands of staffers, the Times reports that only about 50 minority staffers of any race can be found in Capitol Hill offices.

According to a running joke one House staffer shared with The Times, “the only people who hire blacks and Hispanics around here are blacks, Hispanics and Republicans.”

Umm. This — in a city with one of the most affluent, well-educated and diverse talent pool of minorities in the nation. Racism looks as racism does. More at Jack and Jill Politics.

Osama, Obama; Tomato, Tomahto — let’s call the whole thing off (SOTUblog). Photo credit: Eric Kleefeld

This Week in Holocaust Denial —

Wolf Blitzer dukes it out with professional racist David Duke over the Holocaust Denial Conference.

The Stormfront crowd of white supremacists online naturally rushes to Duke’s defense.

Duke defended his actions in calling Blitzer a Jewish extremist and an Agent of Zionism.

Poor David Duke: he can’t get no respect, I tells ya!

They make sure never to give my proper title of Dr. David Duke, as they almost always give the “Dr.” title in discussing Dr. Martin Luther King. Yet, by any standard, my doctoral degree is at least as legitimate as his. When they don’t like you they can pull out all the stops.

For the video and some comic relief, head on over to Gawker.

In Other News —

Keith Ellison’s religion is still under attack as one Republican says Muslims are unfit for office.

Ciro Beats Rodriguez due to a Latino backlash? AmericaBlog and Dos Centavos report.

Thought Asian-Americans were being overly sensitive in slamming Rosie O’Donnell for her “Ching Chong” comments? Well, check out this video from Japan that mimics/ridicules African-American sitcoms and pokes fun at Japanese adoption of American pop culture. They even have a “Good Times”-like theme song. WARNING: includes liberal use of the word “nigga”. It is almost too bizarre and racist to comprehend. Props: Terrence Says

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