Am I the only person who hears a whispered threat in these words? For those interested in a stable Middle East, this Holocaust denial conference should be seen with grave concern for its real intent and message to the world.

The Jerusalem Post:

“Those [who have] supported the Zionist regime during their lifetime,” said Ahmadinejad, “should be aware that its lifetime will be over and their interests as well as reputation will be endangered.

“Just as the ground was prepared to assign such a regime, the Zionist regime will be overthrown by its supporters,” he added.

It’s rare that I agree with the Bush Administration, however we’re on the same page here (NYTimes):

The White House said in a statement today that the gathering of Holocaust deniers in Tehran is an “affront to the entire civilized world, as well as to the traditional Iranian values of tolerance and mutual respect.”

“While people around the world mark International Human Rights Week and renew the solemn pledges of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, which was drafted in the wake of the atrocities of World War II, the Iranian regime perversely seeks to call the historical fact of those atrocities into question and provide a platform for hatred,” the statement said.

Not even Al-Jazeera is buying it.

Historians specialising in the Third Reich, basing their figures on original Nazi documents, generally believe around six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, although some estimates are slightly lower or higher.

Hitler’s government also killed millions of non-Jews.

Kofi Annan is right and Bush really needs to listen to a Brother, before it’s too late:

“Tensions in the region are near the breaking point. Extremism and populism are leaving less political space for moderates, including those states that have reached peace agreements with Israel.

[Annan] warned that the opportunity for negotiating a two-state solution – Israel and Palestine, living within secure, recognised borders based on those of June 4, 1967 – “will last for only so long”.

Annan said: “Should we fail to seize it, the people who most directly bear the brunt of this calamity will be consigned to new depths of suffering and grief. … Other conflicts and problems will become that much harder to resolve.”

Other conflicts” — hmm…could he be referring possibly to Iraq?

P.S. You might be asking: Why do you read Al-Jazeera from time to time? Simple, I like to know what other people around the world are thinking and reading. Which is why I also read the BBC.

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