2007 is a year in which black folks will wield more power than ever before in Congress. This makes the election of Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-MI) even more significant. She’s a former teacher and if you know any teachers, you know a lot about her already — Mama don’t plan to take no mess. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what the Washington Times had to say yesterday:

The Michigan Democrat, whose son Kwame Kilpatrick is mayor of Detroit, could be one of the most effective CBC chairman in 20 years because many caucus members are likely to lead key House committees — Judiciary, Homeland Security, Administration, and Ways and Means.

Almost every piece of legislation that Democrats bring to the House floor will have to pass the approval of a CBC member. The group, composed of Democrats, also will benefit from almost 17 subcommittee chairmanships and former CBC Chairman James E. Clyburn, South Carolina Democrat, as the House majority whip.

I find it fascinating that such a conservative paper is so interested in the machinations of the CBC, following it more closely than many other papers. Wake up, you lazy liberals. While you were sleeping, Big Business has been cozying up to your allies. Kilpatrick draws more or less equal support from automotive manufacturers and unions but the same cannot be said for all CBC members.

As for Kilpatrick, CBCMonitor gives her an A and enrolls her in the Honor Society with folks like John Lewis. The Monitor doesn’t roll over — Saint Obama only rates a C: Underachiever in the recent Sept 2006 report. Kilpatrick says she wants to re-focus on poverty and urban issues. Re-focus from what — corporate kickbacks? Donations to alleged criminals like Dollar Bill Jefferson? How about some focus on bringing our family members back from Iraq, the climate change which threatens us all and oh yeah — Katrina relief? I’m all for dealing with poverty (not sure exactly what “urban” refers to) — 1/3 of African-Americans experience it everyday. I just think there are a few other problems that the CBC might want to take on. Carolyn — we’ve got high hopes for you, girl. Don’t let us down. And: good luck. You are going to need it.

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