Jeralyn at TalkLeft is reporting that Saddam may be hung as soon as 10pm EST or 6am Baghdad time. According to the BBC: The U.S State Dept has “cabled all embassies, and also denied reports that Iraq’s former leader had already been transferred to Iraqi custody.” Steve Gilliard says: “Weak governments kill their enemies” and compares the execution to that of the Russia czar and their family by a still fragile Soviet state.

Saddam Hussein was a tyrant and despot, no doubt. Yet, this probably, um, wasn’t one of the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, I’m guessing. Is there a risk that this will exacerbate the situation on the ground while making Hussein a martyr of the American occupation of Iraq? Doesn’t this action of hangin’ Hussein high put our troops at even greater peril?

Our European allies tend to see capital punishment as barbaric so I have real concern about our deteriorating image abroad both there and in the Middle East. What exactly does the Bush Administration hope to gain in doing this? Don’t get me wrong –> Saddam Hussein = bad man. It’s said though that many Iraqis compare their lives under Saddam more favorably than their current lives under the U.S. occupation. Is Bush killing a perceived rival? This execution — aided, abetted and sponsored by America — seems like a risky maneuver at best that, like the Iraqi invasion itself, we may come to rue and regret. This just looks like a very bad idea.

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