Sometimes, I admit that the Reverend irritates me with grandstanding on sensational micro-issues in the media. Like Michael Richards. However, I just received a press release from Rainbow/PUSH that tells me that Jesse Jackson is trying to help more lower-income and minority seniors to participate in the government’s Medicare Part D prescription plan:

RainbowPUSH and United Health Foundation have launched a second nationwide education campaign to increase participation in Medicare Part D. Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr., founder and president of the RainbowPUSH Coalition, United Health Foundation Representatives, healthcare experts and local community leaders have scheduled forums in Miami, Detroit, Atlanta, Oakland and Cleveland.

“Comprehensive health care is a critical need for all Americans, particularly our low income seniors, said Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., founder and president of the RainbowPUSH Coalition. “Our national education and outreach program is designed to provide the solid information and counseling they need to determine if they can benefit from the Medicare Part D program.”

Reverend Jackson will lead the educational forums along with national and community leaders who will provide information, data, and instructions to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries have the tools to make informed decisions about their healthcare needs.

An estimated three-million people are eligible but have not enrolled in the Medicare Part D program, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services. Experts suspect that a disproportionate number of the millions not enrolled are African Americans and Hispanics.

That’s all very nice. However, I personally believe that the American healthcare needs serious reform and that Jackson should also be using his influence to get more coverage for the 40 million plus uninsured in America including from a gentle PUSH on folks like United Health, a major insurance company.

Seniors should be registered automatically for healthcare programs as they are for Medicare and Social Security. If they don’t pay their taxes, they sho nuff automatically hear from the government. Shouldn’t it work the other way around? No one, especially the most vulnerable among us, should be left out in the cold.

Check out the RainbowPUSH website though. Say what you want to about Jesse, but he rocked a righteous afro back in the day.

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