I am disappointed that Dollar Bill has won. Won only to lose since it’s likely he will be forced to resign due to the dollar bills found in his freezer.

I just don’t understand why Americans are so infatuated with the gangstas. First, Bush Jr lies, tortures and gang-bangs his way through the Middle East and he gets…re-elected. Then Joe Lieberman runs an almost $400,000 illegal “slush fund” designed apparently to buy votes all the while ducking and dodging on his actual positions on the Iraq war and he gets…re-elected.

And now Dollar Bill gets…re-elected. A brief review of Washington DC politics should inform how guys like Marion Barry and Dollar Bill manage to stay in the game. Yes, NOLA — we hear your giant F*CK YOU FROM THE BAYOU. We hear it loud and clear.

It’s too bad. I hope that Karen Carter — and NOLA — gets a second chance once Jefferson’s legal problems become ever more serious. NOLA deserves infinitely more attention than it’s gotten. Where is Sen. Obama, the single most prominent member of the Congressional Black Caucus on Katrina relief? Where was he when NOLA and Karen Carter needed him?

Or does he side with Maxine Waters and the CBC Foundation in favoring the Cosa Nostra code of omertà or silence and quiet aid to your fellow gangstas? I like Maxine Waters a lot, but in regards to her PAC’s donation to Dollar Bill? Well, somebody help me understand.

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