Wow. Apparently she also said some stuff about Iraq and how she thinks we can still succeed there. Whatever. What people really noticed is (from the AP via Washington Times):

The nation’s highest-ranking black government official, Rice has said repeatedly she will not run for president despite high popularity ratings and measurable support in opinion polls.

“Yes, I think a black person can be elected president,” Rice said in an Associated Press interview Thursday.

Apparently she was asked whether watching Obama’s success, if Americans were ready to put a black presidential candidate in the White House. According to the article, about 80% of Americans say race does not matter to them at the polls. Hmm…we’ll see! Especially since she echoed what I think your average African-American thinks based on our daily experiences:

At the same time, [Rice] said, “we should not be naive. Race is still an issue in America. When a person walks into a room, race is evident. It’s something that I think is going to be with us for a very, very long time.”

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