Today is a big news day! So much happened I don’t even know where to begin…

* Obama Obsession: How many men can honestly say they have gotten both Oprah’s and the progressive netroots’ drawers all in a knot of hope, frustration and impatience? Not many. Kos and Bowers and Stoller all have some important articles to check out. For the record, I have high hopes for Obama. I would like to believe in him. But I can’t yet. He’s playing in a rough, bloody game and the cards are stacked against him. He’d probably say they always have been. My hope is that he can actually deliver on the hope he has inspired in so many people.

* Chris Bowers also has an interesting article on presidential polling by race and religion. I agree that the African-American vote is not monolithic. I think it’s possible that in the fight between the Clintons and Oprah/Obama for black and white votes, it’s likely that religion, class and gender will be invoked as signifying and differentiating themes. HRC is weaker in all these categories in my opinion than she might like and Obama’s surge forward post-Oprah endorsement and book tour has started to expose her vulnerability.

* Black students and professors protest in front of the Supreme Court on integration. Very civil-rights-movement-esque and old school. And that’s very nice. It would also be nice to see some of that energy put out around issues like oh, Iraq. So many black people know someone personally who has been impacted by the Iraq War. When someone is sent over, it impacts not just one person, but their whole family. I can name 2 cousins and a co-worker’s husband who have been shipped out. I still remember the party we had for S. the day before she said goodbye to her husband.

* George Bush Sr. communicates on some hidden, secret Skull-and-Bones, double secret ultra-WASP frequency involving inappropriate sobbing that the intervention is working and that our long national nightmare of incompetent governance may soon be over. I always wondered if watching what Jackass Jr’s hijinks was painful for such a relatively smart guy with the same name to watch helplessly. Now we can all see how painful.

* In related news, Robert Gates has breakfast with Dubya and then breaks it down for Congress: Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag and it’s called the ugly truth that we are not winning the war. Amazing how stating the obvious apparently does not invite ridicule in DC but applause. But don’t get too excited. Apparently the truth was a little too ugly so now DC’s newest sex machine is backpedaling. Ugh.

* New York Bans Trans-Fats. Quietly, many black people’s lives are extended by 5,10,15 years or more. Quietly, a few black people have begun to hoard and freeze buckets of KFC extra-crispy. Very quietly. Look for a black market to develop underground. (Sigh)

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