I have to admit, this FiredogLake story doesn’t surprise me.

From Latina Lista:

The T. Don Hutto Residential Center in Taylor, Texas (on the outskirts of Austin, Texas) is a private detention facility operated by Corrections Corporation of America. It and a smaller center in Pennsylvania are the only two facilities in the country that are authorized to hold non-Mexican immigrant families and children on noncriminal charges.

What does this mean?

It means that at the Taylor facility of the 400 people “held” there, 200 are children. And all are families that can be held there for whatever length of time without due process conducted in a timely manner.

To top it off, as long as the men, women and children are held there, the facility’s operator draws a daily profit – per person.

The children range in age from infants on up.

I know everyone’s busy with the holidays. But please take a moment to let your Member of Congress know what’s going on (consider it the extra-special gift of knowledge) and feel free to let folks like the media know too. It’s too much like the internment camps set up for those of Japanese descent (but strangely not those of German descent) during WWII. The Bush administration’s continuing war on poor brown people must be exposed and it must be stopped. Democrats now have no excuse for letting this type of situation continue in the next Congress.

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