From MyDD via Hotline:

“White rednecks” who “didn’t show up to vote for us” partly cost GOPers their cong. majorities, Rep. Adam Putnam (R-FL) told fellow Republicans today. And Putnam, seeking the post of GOP conference chair, chided ex-Chair J.C. Watts (R-OK) for ruining the conference’s ability to serve its members.

Chris Bowers says:

I don’t care what the context of the remarks were. Saying that you need to appeal more to “white rednecks” while simultaneously deriding the only prominent African-American member of your caucus of the past three decades doesn’t look good. But I bet Putnam would work well with Trent Lott if he achieves his leadership post.

I want to know: who is it exactly that the Republicans like? I mean, they clearly don’t like black or brown people or “secular progressives”. They snicker at moderates (called “squish” by hard-core Bush conservatives) and laugh behind the backs of evangelicals while dismissively deriding rednecks. They live to crush gays and make it as hard for women to work and raise children as possible. And to top it all off, they undermine the American worker’s goals of decent healthcare, safety and education for their kids at every opportunity.

So that ultimately leaves a very small group of very wealthy white people with whom the current slate of Republicans feels a kindred spirit. And it’s getting a bit apparent to the naked eye. That’s fine because at this rate, these jackasses will be putting themselves out of the business of getting elected and running the nation into the ground very quickly.

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