I appear to be the only blogger in America who finds it interesting that the choice for RNC Chairman boiled down somewhat (at least in the public eye) between Michael Steele, recently defeated Senate candidate and Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL), first Cuban-American Senator. Mel was formerly Secretary of HUD before becoming elected to Congress in 2004. The HUD gig is one of those minor Cabinet positions that tends to be reserved for minorities.

No one seems to want to talk about this black vs. hispanic tussle for who will battle Howard Dean for the heart and soul (and vote) of America although Anderson@Large does want to talk about Michael Steele and GOP blacks in general. (If you think it’s hard out here for a pimp, it’s even harder for a Black Republican, son!) I suppose it’s a bit shocking to talk about race without seeming racist for some.

Yet this is key to note because it gives some clues to Republican long-range thinking. They lost serious, major ground with Latinos in the 2006 election due to an “enforcement-only” approach among some knuckle-draggers to the question of immigration. Yeah, threatening to jail people for helping sick and hungry immigrants and building a giant fence to keep them out has a strange turn-off quality.

The G.O.P. is sending a message both inside and outside the party: we are prepared to change. I don’t know if they will succeed in embracing the changing demographics in this country with what many will see as just a face that presents sympathetic diversity. Personally, between the cruel, racist immigration positions and the racist handling of Katrina relief, I think the G.O.P. has damaged cred in minority communities for at least the next generation or two. Our trust, once lost, takes a mighty long time to re-build. The real question is whether Bonehead will even be given support by his own party or whether he’ll be hung out to dry by them before progressives even get a shot at him. We’ll see how long it takes the rabid racist Republican elements to froth at the mouth publicly over this. There is going to be a real tussle about this. Prepare to hear Martinez called “stupid” or “Bonehead” instead of just “wetback” and “spic” more often going forward. These comments on a RedState poll on Martinez are sooo telling, aren’t they:

When are we going to become the party of Ronald Reagan, Pete DuPont, Jack Kemp and Steve Forbes again? The message of economic opportunity and hope and the results it delivers does more to attract minority voters than this pathetic window dressing.


Hardliners don’t like him because he doesn’t want to tow their line, instead, he believes in the President’s comprehensive immigration policy. And who better to bring the Hispanics back to the party. We barely had 40% before and lost half of those last week. Martinez is the poster boy for the Spanish speaking immigrant who makes good. Perfect for attracting good candidates to represent the growing Hispanic vote. Perfect for reaching out to the Hispanic and other minority communities.

AND my personal favorite post from AnkleBitingPundits:

Rumor has it illegal immigrants will celebrate this news with a mass border crossing…..oh wait, they already do that.

Cute, ain’t those conservatives?

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