Remember our little talk about why it’s important for Bill “Cash in the Freezer” Jefferson to lose in New Orleans and why it’s very important for Karen Carter to win?

Well, someone – MyDD – is doing something about it:

We’re hiring Tim Tagaris from the Lamont campaign to head down to New Orleans and cover the LA-02 race for MyDD, somewhat as he did for Paul Hackett in OH-02 though with more of a journalistic focus and with a video camera. Corruption in the Democratic Party has its roots in local machines, and there’s no more colorful or weird machine than that of William Jefferson, a DLC Congressman caught with $90k in cash in his freezer. A progressive Democrat, Karen Carter, is challenging him, and we’ve already endorsed her. But there are two other important themes that Tim is going to cover when he’s down there. One is race, which is inescapable in Louisiana and in this election. The second is Katrina, which is also inescapable in this election.

We are committed to progressive change and to a progressive agenda. A post-Katrina New Orleans is the domestic symbol of the conservative movement. Not only did underinvestment in a poor and largely black city lead to a devastating disaster, but the promises of the Republican Congress and Bush, the promises they made in our names as American citizens, the promises to rebuild the city, these are promises that we have not kept.

Hey, you can help out. Blogging doesn’t grow on trees, you know! If you think the people of New Orleans need our help and the help of a caring Congressperson, consider chipping in a little dough to help someone who will shed some light on what’s actually going on down there. I did.

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