I’m only going to consume conservative media today, but let’s go back in time. I received this message from Pres Bush yesterday:

Today is Election Day and our Republican candidates need your vote.

I ask you to cast your ballot for Republican candidates who will keep America on the offense in the War on Terror, keep taxes low to grow our economy and work for our conservative values.

There are fundamental differences in this election. Our country cannot afford to elect a Democrat Congress that would abandon our strategy for victory in the War on Terror and raise taxes to pay for their reckless spending.

Laura and I urge you to vote Republican and to ask all your family and friends to go to the polls. The stakes are too high for you to stay at home.

I guess we can look forward to reckless spending, abandoning their strategy in Iraq, high taxes, plus the end of those conservative values.


P.S. I received this report from Texas: “This is a surreal experience — all the republican judges in Dallas who ran opposed LOST to dems.”

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