Emmitt Smith triumphed yesterday in the Dancing with the Stars competition. It was indeed an critical moment in the competition between blacks and hispanics. Oh and you thought the Michael Steele vs Mel Martinez battle for RNC Chair settled all that. Silly you.

Yes, while it’s true that Republicans decided that they might as well try their luck trying to bamboozle Latinos in the wake of Katrina and the resulting widespread African-American antipathy towards the GOP, Emmitt Smith’s win says we still got some game.

Emmitt shook that booty and took the prize not just for himself, but all black people. It’s true that right now Latinos and Blacks in America have a lot in common politically and socio-economically. They are family-oriented people of faith often oppressed by The Man and so are we. They like hot sauce, we like hot sauce. They like pollo, we like chicken. They like to dance, we like to dance. Yet, if you are like me and you’ve been in a salsa club or watched some Spanish-language TV, you know: Latinos can dance. They can boogie their behinds in at least 60 more ways each than your average black citizen and 10,000 more than your average white person who hasn’t taken dance lessons. And now that they are becoming the largest minority in the nation, well, it butts right up against our cultural supremacy, the previously unassailable automatic coolness that comes with being black in America.

You see, even after white people took away our languages, our original names, our original countries, took credit for all the work we did, made us sit in the back of the bus, wouldn’t let us vote or drink out of the same water fountain, the lynching, etc. after all these indignities, there was always one thing they could never take away from us.

And that one thing was that we could dance much, much better than white people. And it was really obvious. Mario Lopez threatened to take that away from us with his shiny white smile and twinkling eyes. Thank god we had Emmitt to hold the line and preserve the M.C. Hammer dance for generations to come.

Booker Rising Uncle Tommishly says that Mario Wuz Robbed. I beg to differ.

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