I’m with Oliver Willis on this: For reasons that are unclear to me, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has actually bucked the Louisiana Democratic Party and the citizens of New Orleans. Yes, that’s right. The organized caucus of black people elected to Congress to serve the interests of the people has supported a criminal charlatan to the tune of $5000 donated on behalf of its members to Dollar Bill Jefferson’s campaign. Sadly this does not shock me.

I am surprised and ashamed to hear that Rep. Maxine Waters’ PAC has given Jefferson’s campaign $2500, making her PAC and the CBC major donors to Jefferson’s bid for re-election. Why Maxine. Why? Maybe she should change her PAC’s name from “People Helping People” to “People Helping People Rip Off Other People”.

All African-Americans in Congress lose if Jefferson wins. All African-Americans lose if Jefferson wins. But more than that. The hope of the Americans in LA-2 recovering from Hurricane Katrina and the integrity and pride of a nation are threatened if Jefferson wins.

Special Note to Sen. Barack Obama: if you really want to impress me, please either speak out against Bill Jefferson or go to NOLA and use your star power to help elect Karen Carter.

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