Rumors have been swirling for days and now we hear the official word: Nancy Pelosi will not be nominating Alcee Hastings for Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Hastings made a strong effort forward. But the cloud resulting from legal troubles in the past still hangs over his head.

Too bad for Hastings. He’s quoted on CNN:

After meeting with Pelosi, Hastings issued a statement saying he would support Pelosi’s choice to lead the committee.

“Our nation’s national security is far more important than my professional security,” he said, adding that he would seek “better and bigger opportunities” when the new Congress convenes.

“Sorry, haters, God is not finished with me yet,” his statement said.

Well said. Yet, I sincerely hope that this doesn’t mean Jane Harman has a stronger shot at the Chairmanship. That lady is bad news. We need someone who can legitimately lead oversight into the Bush Administration’s ahem, uh many activities here and abroad. Harman has rolled over for Bush in the past as a cheerleader, enabler and apologist (Thanks: TPMMuckraker). That’s not what the American people are looking for anymore. Or maybe ever.

I’d like to see Rep. Silvestre Reyes given a nod. He’s qualified, is on the right side of the issues, has no major stain on his record, and would be a welcome gesture to American Hispanics who, according to the Pew Hispanic Center, showed up in number for Democrats in the 2006 elections. It would be a major newsmaking symbol that may bear future dividends in 2008.

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