I second Jill’s emotion. Big. Time.

I was out at a local Drinking Liberally event, and can say that I don’t think one should ever watch an election alone again, ever. The sense of community was palpable. We cheered as we watched the CNN tallies. We jeered at the image of the slovenly Bill Bennett.

I actually have some hope for this country again, and thus, this world. Not only have some brakes been applied to this joyriding presidency with the Dem House takeover, but we’ve made real history today people.

For the first time, Massachusetts has a black governor. Deval Patrick utterly and completely whooped Kerry “Rape Me” Healey by over 20 points (56 vs. 35 at last check). He is only the second black governor in the history of these united states. I tuned in to an Internet stream of his speech and caught this statement from him to his supporters:

You are every black man, woman and child in Massachusetts and America. You are every striver of every race and kind who is reminded tonight that the American dream is for you too.

I’ve read that there was a record Get Out the Vote mobilization by the Patrick campaign in every neighborhood. They made over 1 million calls on election day. This is how a campaign should be run, people. We should all take note.

Other good news

  • Senator Man-Dog goes down in defeat. You might say he “screwed the pooch” on this one
  • In middle America, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio hold Dems in governor seats
  • Rhode Island’s Lincoln Chafee (R) is finished. Many people are saying they feel bad to lose the moderate Republican. I say this is a binary election. You’re either with us or against us, and we had to smoke the rethugs out. All of them. Sorry, Lincoln, but you chose the wrong party, son.
  • The so-called “western” or “mountain” Democrats have a solid win of the Colorado governor’s office

and some bad news…

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