Since the role of the images of black folk has come up several times this week here at JJP, I thought I’d keep focus on that cultural issue for one more post.

I stopped watching Desperate Housewives midway through the second season. I had seen several interviews with the creator Marc Cherry and knew he was gay. Actually, this fact was used to explain how he so accurately captured inter-female dynamics. But the male-male interactions on the show were horrible.

Also, I got bored.

Also, I got tired of the creepy basement black people.

This year, with North Korea testing its nukes, I was drawn to a CBS show called “Jericho.” Set in a small Kansas town, this show tells the story of America post-nuclear attack. In this small white town, we are introduced to one brother early on who talks sense but no one listens.

He’s a former St. Louis cop, he explains, and is just trying to help.

Also, he keeps his family (creepily) in the basement.

No one else in the town even knows they exist. With an otherwise all-white cast, the creators chose this one and only black family to be the freaks on the show. I find that problematic.

Anyone else?

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