Some 41 years after the signing of the Voting Rights Act, it has become popular for white folks to ask, “Isn’t racism dead?” We’ve got prominent black people being talked about as presidential contenders, and the issue of Affirmative Action is under renewed attack and confusion, as evidenced by recent polling in Michigan.

Racism, however is frighteningly, intensely alive and well.

Please watch Kiri Davis’s A Girl Like Me. It’s only 8 minutes.

This short film addresses issues of beauty and ideals of good and bad among black girls and young children. Over 50 years after Dr. Kenneth Clark’s “doll test,” 75 percent of these young children prefer a white doll, saying white dolls are good and black dolls are bad.

Can ignorance of your history create anger?

What happens to a people who are cut off from themselves?

This film is heart-breaking.

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