Not to over-generalize, but I think Wanda captures much of the general thinking of African-Americans on the Foley Fiasco. What exactly does alcohol have to do with emailing 16 year old boys? (Peace: Prometheus 6)

Why is former Rep. Mark Foley in rehab and not in jail? After all, America would have found it very satisfying to see cops jump on Foley as he left Congress and drag him off to jail like the rest of the creeps on Dateline NBC.

Well, the laws are a bit murky. The age of consent in D.C. is 16. Yet, federal law which Foley helped to pass prohibits solicitation of a minor (under 18). Is he hiding inside a rehab center to avoid facing charges? Some of his friends and acquaintances seem surprised by his claims to be an alcoholic. Is Foley receiving special treatment as a former Congressman despite his new status as child sex predator?

Foley himself advocated harsh punishment for sex offenders saying: “when you violate a child, you lose your civil liberties.” I agree! Here’s more info on D.C. local laws. From the former tough talker, and a lot of Republicans it seems, right now all we hear are excuses.

I want to know why the NRCC feels the need to keep Mark Foley’s contribution to its campaign funds. I want to know when this guy gets registered as a sex offender who solicits and entices minors. And I want to know now.

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