The BlackProf has some fresh poll numbers for leading African-American candidates.

The following numbers are based on the average of the last 5 polls according to

For Governor

Massachusetts: Democrat Deval Patrick 54% v. Republican Kerry Healey 30%

Ohio: Republican Ken Blackwell 35% v. Democrat Ted Strickland 57%

Pennsylvania: Republican Lynn Swann 38% v. Democrat Ed Rendell 56%

U.S. Senate

Maryland: Republican Michael Steele 43% v. Democrat Ben Cardin 49%

Tennessee: Democrat Harold Ford 46% v. Republican Bob Corker 47%

Looks like the hypocrisy of benefitting from the special attention and recruitment of the Republican party yet slamming affirmative action for anyone doesn’t pay off very for guys like Ken Blackwell in OH and Michael Steele in MD. Oh and if Steele thinks he is fooling black folks with his Bush-style dissembling on his actual positions on topics like abortion and stem cell research, he is sadly mistaken. As Oliver Willis points out, all that shuckin’ and jivin’ and dodgin’ and weavin’ on Meet the Press is not going to help Steele overcome Cardin’s overwhelming lead with African-American voters which the Washington Post says is Cardin 81%, Steele 14%.

When Russert asked him, “Are you running as a proud Bush Republican?” Steele replied pointedly, “I’m a proud Republican.”

Oh please!!! Just watch Bush’s loving endorsement of Steele:

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