I have a guilty habit of reading entertainment gossip blogs (I know it’s wrong but I just can’t stop!) Never thought I’d agree so strongly with a famous actor/author/adulterer. But Ethan Hawke has got it right on:

We’re in desperate need of a Martin Luther King, a Mahatma Gandhi, a Nelson Mandela; the Middle East is in desperate need of somebody to rise up and lead. I always think about how nearly every major city in this country has a Martin Luther King Boulevard, King’s picture is up in every classroom… and everyone universally admires him – but we all know what he would say about the Iraq war. We turn a blind eye to the things we know he would tell us.

Where is the Black leader who actually leads with moral clarity and a loud clear voice for human and civil rights? For peace, against torture and for fairness to people like nurses and teachers?

A lot of people want that person to be Barack Obama — but this person prbably has to come from outside elected office to truly talk back at the system? IMHO, *none* of our current leaders are cutting the mustard. Without strong moral leadership on politics ans society, we risk losing Generation Y who do not know the Struggle like Gen X, the Baby Boomers, the Greatest Generation and so on. We risk their opting out of a system that appears to have a blatant disregard for human life (Katrina) and human lives (Iraq, FoleyGate, etc). Why participate in a system that appears meaningless and corrupt? We need clear inspiring answers to those questions or we could lose more than elections in the future.

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