Several stolen elections later (2000 – FL, 2004 – OH, 2006 Primary – MD), the mighty venerable NAACP led by comfortable safe negros lulled to sleep by corporate dollars has apparently awakened looking to swat down 2006 election hijinks. Under new CEO Bruce Gordon, they’ve sent a shot across the bow of dirty tricksters looking to prevent minorities from voting in a press release dated yesterday.

The release states that “The NAACP will pay special attention to voting in 10 states, including Maryland, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia and Pennsylvania.”

Judging from the content, it looks like Maryland, in the wake of the Donna Edwards/Al Wynn fiasco is coming under special scrutiny. Not yet toothless, the old lion’s roar was heard by the conservative Washington Times which practically copied the NAACP release word-for-word breathlessly to its Republican audience.

The other nine states were chosen because they have pivotal elections, high concentrations of black voters or a history of polling problems, including Gulf Coast states Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas.

The dispersal of residents from those states after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit last year prompted the NAACP to start a registration campaign to help evacuees register to vote in their new location or maintain their home-state registration.

The NAACP will also be monitoring elections in Michigan and Ohio, which had rampant complaints of insufficient voting machines, fewer polling places and polls opening late during the 2004 presidential election. (Source: Washington Times)

Anybody scared over there in wingnut world? “The groups will forward any major problems to the Justice Department for further investigation.” Hmmm…

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