Joe Lieberman has always been a friend to black people. That’s why he wants to inspire them to vote and make it as easy and attractive as possible. He will stop at nothing, not good taste and certainly not the law, to help us poor lil “low information” voters vote. More. For Joe.

Here’s a list of our hero’s program courtesy of Connecticut Blog:

Lets look at the scoresheet.

To date, Lieberman has now:

1. Distributed race-baiting flyers.

2. Dished out 387,000 in COLD HARD CASH in a time span of twelve days prior to the primary.

3. Sent his goons to distrupt several Lamonts events who verbally assulted Lamont to his face.

and now…

4. Hired goons who are barred from handing out to absentee ballots to hand out absentee ballots in the African-American community.

What exactly is so wrong with greasing a few old ladies’ palms and helping them fill out absentee ballots? Or whatever it is that “street money” is for. See, Joementum is down with the people like that. He understands their struggle. Street money flushed through $387,000 of petty cash is merely a symbol, a down payment if you will, on the kind of support disadvantaged CT African-Americans can expect Lieberman to provide with his powerful seniority in the Senate. A vote for Lieberman is a vote for creative use of street money to bribe as many people as it take to GOTV.

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