The Republican racism out in the campaign ad environment is so thick even white folks have noticed it like here, here and here and here. Here’s a handy field guide for recognizing racism to the 2006 election advertisements whether delivered via print, tv or radio:

if it makes you a little uncomfortable
if it looks like it might be a little racist
if it seems like that ad may just have crossed the line
if black or latino or asian americans say it’s racist

that ad is probably really, really racist. So far, you’re doing a great job out there. Keep it up. Being an African-American, it really doesn’t matter to me whether an ad is subtly racist or overtly, obviously racist. It’s not really a matter of degrees. Racist is racist. Period. Just because someone is better at perfuming the stench of a dead body doesn’t mean the dead body isn’t still there.

The RNC and Republican candidates like Nguyen, Allen, Corker Bob Corker and Healy use racism when they are desperate. Fear of gay marriage and terrorism aren’t working on the general public anymore. So they’ve had to resort to the baser fears to try and get elected. There are ways that Democrats can benefit from this. In the short run, it’s clear that Republicans are on the ropes. It’s time to call a spade a spade like we did with George “Mailbox” “Macaca” Allen. Also, racism only works with a smaller and smaller category of voters. In the long run, Republicans are burning the bridges they worked so hard to build in the last election with minority voters and torching others with the not-so-racist, moderate majority. We’ve got longer memories than you think. And like Kos says, now we have YouTube. Nothing’s getting swept under the rug. Not anymore.

I’m glad people are bringing attention to the racist pattern of some of the Republican ads. Calling it takes away its power and not only erases any benefit the candidate hoped for, it makes that candidate and anyone in their sphere look like the very bad people that they are. It’s important and it’s appreciated.

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