Why Joe Lieberman is leading in the polls in CT against Ned Lamont is seriously beyond him. I mean, how pathetic and desperate can one man be? Put aside his pro-Iraq war, pro-torture, pro-Republican, pro-child sex predator cover-up stances.

Why would he criticise and turn his nose up at Rev. Al Sharpton, a popular figure especially in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut metro area, when he was once glad to get his endorsement?

In his remarks, Mr. Lieberman also recalled the appearance of the Rev. Al Sharpton at Mr. Lamont’s side on primary night, calling it “a remarkable moment.”

Since primary night, Mr. Lieberman and his aides have repeatedly raised questions about Mr. Lamont’s alliance with Mr. Sharpton, whom they have described as divisive. (Source: NYTimes)

Why — because he is hoping to pick up conservative white voters. He apparently doesn’t care about alienating his former base of mostly Democratic African-Americans. That’s not who he cares to impress anymore.

Can this be the same man who cuddled and chuckled with Rev. Al Sharpton during the 2004 elections when Gore-Lieberman needed a strong black turnout? What a traitor.

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