Today is clearly “Educational Black Video Day” here at Jack and Jill Politics. This is why YouTube is so amazing. This video (Props: PlayaHata) is like Eyes on the Prize 2.0 — the extra short version (4 min). I feel like you need to watch it maybe 3 times to dig the full message. It’s a valid question — what happened to the promise of the Movement? Why is it that the emerging prosperity among African-Americans has not translated into even more political power and awareness? Why are so many of the current leaders seen as weak or corrupt with cultural leadership ceded to the meek athletes and sorry rappers out for nothing but benjamins and hos? This is not meant to disrespect those doing the right thing like Dead Prez, Mos Def, etc. It’s just that conscious leadership from those with the resources to make powerful statements seems to be the exception, not the rule.

“Evolution of Oppression” is the title of this piece:

BTW, if you haven’t seen the PBS documentary Eyes on the Prize about the civil rights movement like I did as a kid with my family, I recommend it highly. It would be hard to think of a family viewing event that had more impact on my personal beliefs than this. Roots comes close. If you have any kids or just want to understand what it actually took to achieve equal rights under the law for African-Americans, this is a good place to start.

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