Why do white people think that all black people are criminals and identify with criminals? First earlier this week, we had the sorry spectacle of Mike Tyson (convicted rapist) and Don King (convicted murderer) endorsing Michael Steele (MD-Sen; convicted only of being black and supporting George Bush).

Frankly this repulses most thinking black folk
. It’s like if Ted Bundy, Charlie Sheen and Robert Downing Jr. decided to back Hilary Clinton for President. Would that inspire confidence in her as a candidate or repulse you? Would it make her more attractive a candidate or give off a whiff of desperation? My grandmother says “Yeah, those two are on the crooked side. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few hands got greased to get them involved.” My Big Mama didn’t go to college, but she’s pretty smart.

So that wasn’t humiliating enough. Then I hear about ads targeted at African-Americans using pimp/whore imagery. The ads are run by a so-called African-American organization called Black America’s PAC (BAMPAC). According to the New York Sun, they are running ads to encourage blacks to vote Republican (or at least – not Democratic) in 10 battleground states, including Ohio, New Mexico, and Nevada. Ads like this:

“If you make a little mistake with one of your ‘hos,’ you’ll want to dispose of that problem tout suite, no questions asked,” one of the men says.

“That’s too cold. I don’t snuff my own seed,” the other replies.

“Maybe you do have a reason to vote Republican,” the first man says.

Who’s really behind this, since no black person would be crazy enough to create a pro-life ad like this? Here’s another one:

“Black babies are terminated at triple the rate of white babies,” a female announcer in one of the ads says, as rain, thunder, and a crying infant are heard in the background. “The Democratic Party supports these abortion laws that are decimating our people, but the individual’s right to life is protected in the Republican platform. Democrats say they want our vote.Why don’t they want our lives?”

The article says it all, but AmericaBlog, Max Blumenthal and Jesus’ General say even more. From the NY Sun:

Mr. [J. Patrick “Ultra-Conservative Crackpot Billionaire”] Rooney, who is white, is funding ads using black voices who claim to speak on behalf of the black community.”You don’t have a lot of black billionaires who would want to fund something like this,” [conservative, African-American talk show host who voiced some of the ads and cheese-eatin’ Uncle Tom: Herman Cain] said.

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