Vote? Why fiddle dee dee — who’d want to do a silly lil ol’ thing like that? Now, angry negros wanting “change”, y’all just shuffle on outta here and make yourselves useful doing something else. Other than voting.

For hours this morning in one of the richest counties in the nation, the critical pre-work voting time slot was hamstrung because there weren’t enough electronic voting cards. There was also confusion about whether or not voters could use provisional ballots, apparently many were naturally told no.

Now, surely this comes as no surprise to officials in charge. Surely someone knew that the voting cards weren’t available and yet made no backup plans to ensure voting went on smoothly nonetheless. Some folks are saying that this helps Al Wynn, the imcumbent for Congress and Kweisi Mfume for Senate. I tend to disagree — Mfume has been relying on GOTV efforts in the black community sending supporters to black mega-churches in Baltimore, Montgomery and Prince George’s County. If the vote is suppressed, Cardin probably stands to gain. We see what happens…

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