Over at the Afro-Netizen, there’s a good article on the failure of the government to re-build New Orleans and provide what many of us would expect from a modern government after this kind of major disaster and displacement. Folks, even the U.S. Postal Service does a better job of helping you when you move. This is the new and improved Homeland Security:

More than 200,000 displaced former residents of New Orleans, spread across 46 different states, who have been denied their human right to return face numerous obstacles to be able to come home. They have no way of knowing the current state of their homes and neighborhoods-basic issues like whether the water and electricity are running, or whether their local schools are open. Their remains no centralized source for this information, neither government-run services nor private news sources. Most government decisions affecting their neighborhoods do not make it into the news broadcasts in their new communities. Without this necessary information it is nearly impossible for displaced people to make an informed decision to move back home.

Glad to see the U.S. Congress and the military-industrial complex has really swung into action to serve Americans in need. The Americans paying their salaries. I agree with Matt Stoller over at MyDD. Can someone please explain to me why Democrats have not hammered home the fallacy of the Bush adminstration’s assertions that we are safer? Where have all the billions of dollars gone that Congress appropriated to recover from Katrina — looks like it was into somebody’s back pocket. Like Jeffery Buchanan of CounterPunch writes: it’s just lip service and profiteering. And a violation of human rights. AND perhaps a major election issue. So why ain’t it?

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