Michael Steele running for the Senate in Maryland has been running away from the Scarlet R as he puts it — his identity as a Republican candidate. Too bad there are so many pictures of him side-by-side with Bush. His ads have consistently tried to paint him as a centrist/McCain-style conservative and gloss over his actual party affiliation which is left off his TV/YouTube ads and even off his website — his homepage shows no open indication that he is Republican. Fancy that!

Now some Maryland Dems have put together TheRealSteele.com to expose his history of flip-flopping and actual positions — this is the same guy who compared stem cell research to the Holocaust in front of a Baltimore-based Jewish organization. Not too long ago, he described himself as a “radical Republican” in 2001. (shiver) He’s pro-life, pro-Social Security privatization and pro-Iraq War. And btw, pro-Bush. This is the guy who claims he wants change? Just who is he trying to fool with this slick-as-snake-oil ad?

Now that Congressional Republicans and Bush in particular remain consistently unpopular with angry voters, Steele’s strategy is best described as “cut and run”. (Hat tip: Oliver Willis) Voters want change and Steele is pretending to be what voters want. Trouble is, he’s still just a Republican wolf in Democratic clothing.

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