There’s still a lot of talk in the blogs about the Clinton blogger lunch photo and there’s been a little crossover into the MSM and the wingnut brigade. It seems like folks have moved past some of the heat of the moment and have settled down into more thoughtful positions. Some great proposals have come forward from folks like Chris Bowers, Aldon Hynes, Terrance and others like Jeffrey Feldman and kid oakland.

But forget about fostering diversity and strengthening community in the progressive blogosphere. Maybe it would just be easier to shut it all down. Stop talking about race and racism all together. I mean, it’s sooo hard. And just downright uncomfortable. Let’s not get along and maybe not work together. Ha.

Just for kicks, here’s what we should consider NOT doing. Props: Hip Hop Music.

Really — a must-read. Complete with helpful, demonstrative stick-figure drawings. An excerpt:

How to Suppress Discussions of Racism

Tired of discussions of racism in literature, television, and film? (Jill: Or in the prog blogs?) Worn out from the unexpected criticism of your leisure pursuits? Exhausted by the effort of having to respond to each new argument carefully and conscientiously?

We can help!

We’ll teach you how to suppress discussion of racism in six easy steps. Soon suppressing dissent will be so easy you can do it in your sleep! […]


Our goal is to show you a few simple techniques you can use to suppress the discussion of racism. As you read, keep in mind that your goal is not to learn or to educate, to listen or be listened to, to increase your understanding of difficult issues, or to exchange opinions and communicate with other people. Your goal is to make discussions of race so difficult and unrewarding that not only your opponent but any witnesses to your argument will never want to discuss race in public again.

Thanks to Coffee and Ink for helping to create…er, sorry heal the digital divide inside our minds.

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