Apparently there’s some sexism too (aint it always so?). Suffice it to say, the Washington Times doesn’t sound like a very fun place to work if you aren’t a bigot or a pig. This paper is a bastion of the right wing. Bully for Preston Moon, Harvard MBA and son of the founder, for trying to yank the newspaper back from the edge of paleo-conservatism and drag it, well, towards some less crazy version of conservative. The Nation has the goods. Here’s a slice:

Approaching his seventieth birthday, Pruden is
described by several sources as an “absentee landlord”
who has tacitly handed control over to Coombs. Now
Coombs is driving the paper to the far shores of the
right. Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence
Project executive director Mark Potok credits the
Times with helping to fuel the nativism that has taken
hold this year in Republican political campaigns. “The
Times is a terrible little newspaper that
unfortunately has vastly disproportionate influence on
the right wing of the Republican Party,” Potok said.
“The vast majority of people who read it don’t realize
that this paper is in bed with bigots and white
supremacists. The Times is a key part of the radical
right’s apparatus in the United States.”

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