You’ll remember I’ve rapped to you before about the racism and anti-racism going back and forth on YouTube. Well, I learned through “Stormfront” which is the center of the current White Supremacist online conversation — think DailyKos, but for racists — that there is an organized debate with stopwatches and rules going on right now.

Check it out here. It’s YTARC vs. the ProHateDebate. Right now, the racist videos are getting more views overall. I hope you can help me change that! And also: Go Kwaichi! Go YTARC (YouTube Anti-Racism Collaboration)!

The forces of racism are getting better organized, more sophisticated and increasingly aggressive online to recruit for their position. We must stay on top of this and show the falsehoods behind their misplaced hate. Don’t believe me? JewWatch, an anti-semitic and racist site, currently gets more traffic than the U.S. Holocaust Museum (which is a great site, btw) and is ranked 44,675 to’s 74,553 in Alexa’s traffic rankings. Disturbing, isn’t it? Note the heavy use of YouTube video embeds on the JewWatch site.

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