Dear CBC Members – You are being watched. No longer can we trust that you are looking out for black folks’ interests. Some of you aren’t working for the people who voted for you. Who believed your promises of better jobs, education, healthcare. Equal opportunity to technology. Maybe a way to bring our cousins, sons, mamas, etc back from Iraq. Know now that we are clockin’ your actions and taking notes.

Some of you are working undercover or openly for corporate America. Some of you have sold out to The Man. For power, maybe or for money or a heaping hunk of both. Younger African-Americans are putting you on notice. Just because you marched in the 60s doesn’t make it OK to sell out the generations behind you now. The benjamins in your pocket — guess what, those were taken straight out of mine and every constituent you just ripped off or sold out with your last vote.

A report from VoxUnion’s CBCMonitor project has all the 411 on the CBC. There’s an Honor Society filled with do-right progressive politicians like John Conyers and Maxine Waters. Some folks may surprise you — golden boy Barack Obama only gets a C on the report based on his voting record so far.

Rep. David Scott is a stand-out example of someone who has gotten religion. Over the past year, he has moved from F status to B. But maybe that’s just because he wants to get elected. I don’t know him well — can someone set the record straight?

Al Wynn and Bobby Rush predictably score low as Underachievers. Also, take a look at influential William “Lacy” Clay and G.K. Butterfield — consummate insiders whose records are going south.

Interestingly, Harold Ford Jr. is put side-by-side with William “Never mind those bags of cash in my freezer” Jefferson at the bottom of the scorecard. What’s up with that? Harold, son, you’d better get on the good foot and watch how far you bend over for Big Biz. Chances are, those financial industy big-dollar campaign donors may want something for you in return for their support.

The report looked at legislation that was acted upon from January – September 2006, including:

• COPE/Net Neutrality Bill
• Estate Tax Repeal
• Permanent Estate Tax Repeal
• Energy & Good Jobs Act
• Credit Duolopy Protection Bill
• Immigration/Border Protection Bill
• Pension Protection Act
• Oman Free Trade Agreement
• Renewal of Voting Rights Act Provisions
• Line Item Veto

Think any of those might impact you and your wallet or your civil rights? If so, take a look at the report.

Thanks to and also to The Christian Progressive Liberal for the tip.

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