Check out this video of a protest in Lansing Michigan featuring Jesse Jackson and MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Have y’all heard about the plot to kill affirmative action in Michigan? Proposal 2, the Orwellian-named “Michigan Civil Rights Initiative”, is on the ballot for November. It’s not receiving much media attention at the moment, but lead thug/liar/hypocrite Ward Connerly is up to his old tricks boosting a resolution to ban affirmative action as he did in California and Washington state. Might as well call Ward Booker T with quotes like these to his credit:

“Supporting segregation need not be racist. One can believe in segregation and believe in equality of the races.”
-CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer Reports” 12/13/2002

He’s funded by a bunch of right-wing wackos with deep pockets. Affirmative action works for Ward when his wallet needs lining. But apparently no one else should benefit from programs designed to break down barriers to success for minorities. After all, it’s a totally level playing field, right? There is no more racism in America, haven’t you heard?

The video above was taken by a group of ultra-conservative students called the Young Americans for Freedom. How conservative are they? Well, Dan Quayle was a member. YAF equates political correctness with Marxism. They like to make signs that say things like: “Affirmative action is state-sponsored racism”, “Smash Left-Wing Scum” and “Burn All Reds!” Among the enemies of freedom: Cindy Sheehan, Jesse Jackson and the ACLU. Take a look at the Michigan State YAF Recruitment Video for yourself. Charming, ain’t it?

YAF was badly out-numbered in this recent protest. Still, the MCRI initiative is attracting attention and defense from conservatives like George Will and there’s a real threat here. Hopefully Michigan United, a group working against the referendum will prevail. It would sure help though if they put their commercials on YouTube and stopped producing all of their press releases in PDF! Oh and “>props to the NAACP for being on the case — for once! Look, Martin Luther King supported affirmative action, citing special programs for veterans as examples:

“A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for the Negro…” in order to get to the color-blind society we all dream of. George Allen is a clear example of the bigotry and hatred minorities still face today — in the street and in the workplace.

Let’s think carefully before we so quickly undo the legacy he worked hard and died to help achieve. If you live in MI, please vote No on MCRI.

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