What happens when you combine faith, politics and hip hop sensibility?

You get the Rev. Lennox Yearwood, President of the Hip Hop Caucus. He’s worked with Jay-Z, Diddy, Russell Simmons, PFAW and the Congressional Black Caucus on political initiatives. Now he’s working on George Bush and Chris Matthews.

Last week, they led a civil disobedience protest in front of the White House to protest the Iraq War. Yearwood talks about putting humanity first. Funny that the press wants you to look at black ministers who are against gay marriage and against abortion, etc. Ministers like T.D. Jakes who take photo ops with and fundraise for Bush. But when a progressive black leader shows up to confront Bush on his record, you don’t hear a peep? Who took the needle off the record?

This is real civil rights leadership. Right on, Rev. We’re looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you in 2006 – 2008. (Props: PlayaHata)

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