Patriotboy has a new video that features clips from the upcoming RedState movie. (I’m looking forward to seeing it based on these clips with Gladys Gill from the reactionary and terrifying Concerned Women for America!) The video also points to George “Macaca” Allen and Conrad Burns. The Republican party has been speaking out of both sides of its mouth trying to appear tolerant and modern to suburban voters and winking at voters who wouldn’t mind turning back the clock a bit on race relations in America on issues like education, housing, affirmative action, etc. Didn’t affirmative action work so much better when only white people could benefit? Ahhh, those were the old days, back in Dixie.

Wasn’t it great, George Allen, when the “niggers” knew their place back when you played college ball? Now, shucks, you’ve actually got to shake their hands and worry whether they’ll vote for you or not…

Check it out. (Warning, lynching imagery at the end)

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