Ok, so my first recommendation in fighting global warming is to change the name. Scientists came up with this name. It has been sort of popularized, but I am sorry. “Warming” does not sound nearly serious enough.

“Warming” sounds like what I do with pop tarts. Or leftovers. Or when spring comes. It sounds almost…pleasant. Warming sounds good. We need words that sound bad. Very very bad.

This is called re-framing. You’d better believe that those who wish to maintain the status quo such as ExxonMobil will be doing it more and more in the face of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and those who wish to fight back against global warming and the severe world consequences global warming brings. Thanks Oliver Willis for the news clip.

Here are a few suggestions — do me a favor and start to think of your own. Then start to use them in everyday conversation to see which ones resonate. How about:

Global Collapse
Global System Failure
Global Failure
Global Meltdown
Earth Meltdown
Earth Collapse
Storm Engine
Storm Surge
Fifth Horse of the Apocalypse (ok, just kidding about this one)

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